PRIMER Initiative Report 2016

We recap in this report the interdisciplinary approach discussed and agreed by the consortium in 2013 and the activity that has been carried out since, particularly in 2015 and is planned for 2016 and beyond. A general overview is offered in section 1, summarizing the activities of one year period in which PRIMER was particularly active in section 2. The online resources, developed for the facilitation of hybrid participation, are briefly described in section 3. The impact analysis of the carried‐out activities in the example period is shown in section 4. A concise accounting of the contributions done within the cooperation network is presented in section 5. Finally the planning for the next phase, according to the previously agreed strategy, is discussed in section 6.

Content: 1) PRIMER initiative: concept and 2016 strategy; 2) Activities in a year example period; 3) Online resources and online participation; 4) Impact Analysis for one year example period; 5) Cooperation Network; 6) PRIMER Planning for 2016 and beyond