Carlos AGUILAR, Lydia SANCHEZ & Manuel CAMPOS (Universidad de Barcelona)

This paper presents a mathematically solid framework for the study of audio-visual contents based on the development by Keith Devlin of situation theory. In order to obtain this framework, we present accounts of the processes carried out by agents from the reception of the audio-visual content to the extraction of information, in accordance with the definition by Israel and Perry. We finally justify why these accounts concerning the extraction of information from audio-visual content can be included as part of a mathematical formulation of situation theory.



Alfredo MARCOS (Universidad Valladolid)

The concept of information has become central in our civilization, so much so that we call our societies information societies. I go on to defend a concept of information as a triadic relationship involving a message, a receiver, and a system of reference. This concept contributes to producing a general measure of information, as well as aids in integrating the measure and specific uses of the concept of information into a single framework. Finally, I develop a general measure of information that is based on this concept.