An updated list of BITrum project members is gathered in the link below. The interdisciplinary group joined following the agreements taken in the summon of November 7th 2008, with the occasion of the First International Meeting of Experts in Information Theory.

Since the group is defined as fundamentally open, whoever whish to incorporate may do it by addressing a membership application to the project coordination board (José María Díaz Nafría o Franscisco Salto Alemany).

The types of membership may be in any of the following figures:

Observers (observador), those being informed about the activity and project results;
Collaborators (colaborador), those who take punctual part in any of the project activities;
Participants (participante), those who keep the agreements gathered in the memorandum;
Scientific Committee (comité científico) those participants with advisory and reviewing functions on the work developed in knowledge areas, in which they are competent;
Responsible Persons (responsable), those participants assuming group energising functions and/or administrative ones (different coordination figures, edition, computer tools…);

Within the list of members, the knowledge area of competency for each member is given. We kindly request to all members to communicate to the coordination board any change that should be done in any of the given fields. We apologize for all the errors that we may have committed.

Actualized list of members and working teams

Project coordination:

José María Díaz Nafría
Franscisco Salto Alemany

Computer tools:

Leticia Barrionuevo

Editorial board:

Francisco Salto Alemany (coordination)
José María Díaz Nafría (coordination)
Mario Pérez-Montoro (coordination)
Basil Al Hadithi (english edition)
Rosa Macarro (english edition)
Mercedes Osorio (english edition)

Scientifical Committe:

Aguado Terrón, J. M.: Socio-cybernetics
Al-Hadithi, Basil: Fuzzy System Theory
Álvarez Bautista, J. R.: Philosophy of Science, Ph. of Biology
Buchanan, Elisabeth: Information policy
Capurro, Rafael: Information Ethics
Ezquerro, Jesús: Cognitive Science
Fleissner, Peter: Political Economy, Mathematical modelling
Floridi, Luciano: Information Philosophy
Gutiérrez, Salvador: Linguistics
Hofkirchner, Wolfgang: System Theory, Information Society Studies
Lara, Juan: Biology, Genetics
Marijuán, Pedro: Information science, bio-information
Ortiz, Tomás: Neuroscience
Petitjean, Michel: Chemical Information
Sagüillo, José Miguel: Logic
Segal, Jèrôme: History of Science

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